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A Stranger With A Familiar Face

“And it was in that moment,
40,000ft up in the air.
When everything around was silent,
That she knew she no longer cared.

She should have listened to the one,
Who said you were toxic.
She should have believed the one,
Who said selfishness was your forte.

If only she had not been so blind,
To you, she would not have been kind.
Indeed, loving you was her biggest crime,
While you had just been killing time.

She paid the price for it,
When she saw you’d made a fool out of her.
And the person she once loved more than life itself,
Was now nothing but a stranger with a familiar face.”



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A Different Pace

“I could stare at her forever
For she reminded me of the ocean
Never had I seen anything better
Or someone filled with more passion

Her tanned skin; a hint of peach
Quite similar to a golden beach
Every inch ready for one to explore
So vast and beautiful, they would look no more

Smooth and silky, was her hair
Like the sand I stood in, feet completely bare
Brighter than the sun, shone her eyes
More mesmerising than all those sun-kissed skies

Her slender figure
A place for one’s hands to linger
Hands that were never too long in one place
For she was like a wave, moving at her own pace…”


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You Lost Me

“Did I really walk away
Or did you chase me away
And why say I abandoned you
When you were the one to desert me

I could have been there for you
If only you’d let me
Be there to help you through
Had you not been so distant from me

I gave you my everything before my fall
And you stripped me down to the core
As you longed for more
Leaving me with nothing at all

But amongst all the confusion thereof
There was one thing I was sure of
I didn’t lose you
You lost me…”

© khesmaramlochun

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Our Comfort Zone 

“And maybe that’s just what people do. They build this character up, which they slowly find themselves slipping into. An image of a person they’d rather be. And suddenly – although often against their will – they find themselves stuck in that character; this other person who has become their new comfort zone. Unfortunately like all comfort zones, they find it quite hard to step out of that character and reveal their true self to others – fearing that feeling of vulnerability and being judged for who they really are. Therefore, this character that they’ve spent so long creating to face the world around them becomes a sudden nightmare from which they are constantly, and desperately trying to escape…” – K

© khesmaramlochun

(Pic taken @Hosier Lane, Melbourne VIC)

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Staying Above The Waterline

“Our lives are like sets of waves; each wave getting bigger and stronger one after the other, representing an event happening in our lives – and each of them either bringing upon a great deal of happiness or despair. Unfortunately those waves come crashing all at once and you often find yourself trapped in the middle of some kind of unexpected storm. You will feel defeated as you get knocked down from those waves every so often, but you’ve got to remember to keep your head above the waterline and keep persevering to make it through life. Be mindful of how those events made you feel and the lessons learned as you got through them, as they will allow you to surf more freely through the next set of waves. But remember to also take a moment – a breath of fresh air – to appreciate the peace and quiet between each set, before losing yourself in a storm you never saw coming…” 

© khesmaramlochun

(Pic taken @Cottesloe, WA)

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Scary or Mesmerising?

“Heights – mountains, waterfalls, cliffs, hills, airplanes – can either seem scary or capture one’s heart in an instant. Although whilst the places that we fall in love with often make us feel somewhat powerful, they also help us realise how tiny we all are in comparison to the world surrounding us. We are left wondering how big our ‘problems’ really are, and those places usually allow us to acknowledge others around us and bigger issues present.”

© khesmaramlochun

(Pic taken @Eureka Skydeck, Southbank VIC)